AUR(a)ORA 21/22 explores the mysterious, metaphysical collision of colour, found in rainbows, bubbles, auras, and auroras.

As auric bubbles collide into a kaleidoscopic spectrum of light, auroras explode into a magnitude of rainbow lights. Chakra planes vibrate, back and forth, as we shift between dimensions.

In contemplation of the wonder found in bubbles, rainbows, and auroras, we cannot deny their mystical qualities? These metaphysical phenomena explode with joy and optimism as the dawn skies are stained with rainbows, auroras, and protective bubbles; vibrational atoms enclosed by globes of positivity.

AUR(a)ORAS appear as atomic explosions into our atmosphere. BANG! BIG BANG!

Angelic realms appear and disappear between lights; in between rainbow bridges. Do simultaneous realities manifest as spectrums of light from within auric light?

All living creatures emit energy that could be noticed as auras, light that surrounds them. Auras are often experienced as an energy that could be felt when close to their proximity. These vibrational fields of light, translate secret messages through colour emanation that enclose all creatures and objects.

Colour vibrates on seven different planes that correspond to our seven different chakras. Do these seven spiritual powers found within, also connect us to the different dimensional planes of existence? What is your most beloved colour and why?

AUR(a)ORA 21/22 explores the iridescent glow between space and time and the illusion thereof.

We attempt to decipher our personal fascination with colour and the healing effects that colour has as a subtle, sensory stimulus.

How do different colours make us feel when we wear them? How does our response to different colours correspond to our auric celestial bodies? How does colour represent our personalities or our approach to life? Colour makes up our identity.

As we contemplate the vast array of meanings behind colour, (that are in fact only a reflection of light) we find ourselves even more intrigued.

What is the relationship between colour and the sun? Why do countries with more sun, seem to be more colourful in their way of dressing, their way of decorating, their way of expressing themselves through the arts/ Why is a colour often seen as unsophisticated in the eye of some beholders?

AUR(a)ORA 21/22 attempts to find answers to these very personal questions.

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