envisions the slow change within individuals during the period of lockdown.

“‘Lockdown,’ locked in, closed for business- Initial fear, anxiety and social angst, combined with my habitual guilt in the form of hour-long to-do lists, the worry of not having enough content for social media and the panic related to the world in shutdown- these thoughts erupt from the grey noise in my mind.” I continue to plan my outfits for Instagram.

In Europe there are digital balls, virtual dinners, ZOOM discos, and scheduled parties- at least for a moment, I get to wear my cupboards filled with clothes?

A global pandemic, a world economic crisis; the disease of greed and consumerism might finally make us stop? She has cried out for our help, her soil pumped with trash and litter, her blue breath suffocating in fog, resisting yet another sneaker in process, another bag we do not need, her drawers erupting with yet another dress. “All I hope for now is enough hand sanitizer and toilet paper.”

Reset and format are her only options. Mother earth could resurrect herself in this decisive moment if we were to act consciously.

My initial dreams of attending fantasy digital balls and social virtual events (at least I get to wear my beautiful gowns online) quickly turn from echoing outwards to inward reflection; inner dialogues and peace of mind. It is quiet in solitude.

Streaming and projections, soon shine a light on their reflections in the mirror, their inner dialogue and contemplation in the windows, slowly they become aware of the eerie silence within lockdown.

Suddenly they are aware that they can no longer go out. They are left to observe the virtuous silence within. They are moving inwards, reflecting on their lives in solitude. ‘Could we wake up to a new reality?’

Patiently they become aware of her beauty yet again. They light a candle in her darkness. The sunrise, reflecting her gold shimmer onto our faces. A new time has yet to begin.

Patiently they observe this process of transformation. Light is shone onto their thoughts- creative ideas start to form, emulating new opportunities. The slow-downed pace opens their ears to their heart, their eyes to their soul. They hear themselves breathe, enchanted by her beauty and her light.

The prism of light is clear, the future bright, should we be quiet and reflect in stillness. Noticing her beauty is ultimately what continues to give us hope in times of suffering. “No mud, no Lotus" Thich Nhat Hanh. They realise they could get dressed for themselves, it is not only intended for their followers.

This editorial was created in celebration of VIVIERS’s one year existence on the 11th of April 2020. My current inward process, that keeps mirroring in my thoughts, is one of gratitude for all the support in the past year, joy for the beauty within the creation, and a vision of a very bright prism, that bursts into a colorful rainbow of an even brighter future.

I hope you find your beauty in the quiet time of contemplation.

Thank you for journeying with me this past year.



Concept and Creative Direction:

Lezanne Viviers & Danielle Smith


Danielle Smith


Abi Bezuidenhoudt


Sinead Thorpe

Model Agency:

Boss Models


Lotus House

Handcrafted Double Mirror:

Wessel Snyman Creative


Pieter Erasmus, St. Erasmus


Frances VH Karoo