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  • Dossier Magazine Icon Feature (2023)

    The ICONS dedication is motivated to showcase those outstanding South Africans who excel in their fields. With a readership of over 500 000, Dossier aims to expose South Africa's most talented to a broader audience with this recognition.

  • Fashion Bridges - I Ponti della Moda (2023 - 2024)

    The project aims to develop new partnerships between the Italian and South African fashion industries, with particular emphasis on the textile machinery, wool, mohair, cotton and leather sectors, and intends to promote young talent, through training, internationalization and exposure to the trends and creativity of the two countries.

  • Twyg Innovative Design and Materials Awards Finalist (2022)

    Innovative Design and Materials Award presented by POLO South Africa: Handed over by Valecia Beukes of POLO, this award recognises a designer who uses innovative techniques to reduce textile waste and the negative environmental impact of the industry.

  • Nicholas Couttes Award Finalist (2022)

    To celebrate his legacy, this award recognises a designer who uses artisanal craft techniques such as weaving, embroidery, botanical dyeing or another artisanal practice to make fashion that foregrounds, celebrates and values the skills of the people who make the garments.

  • Twyg Sustainability Awards Finalist (2020 - 2021)

    "VIVIERS hopes for its timeless, quality pieces to be treasured heirlooms. And so, creative director Lezanne Viviers pays special care and attention, and uses high quality fabrics that ensure the longevity of each piece. Through hand-cutting material and in-house production, VIVIERS limits waste." - TWYG Magazine

  • Glamour's Most Glamorous - The Change Maker's Edition (2020)

    The stage was set for a memorable evening dedicated to female empowerment and a celebration of style, fashion and Glamour.

  • Mbokodo Awards - Rising Light Award (2020)

    The award presented annually by Carol Bauwer Productions honors South African women who have made contributions to the arts and culture.

  • Innovative Style Awards - Style Magazine (2020)

    These awards commemorate and honour individuals across various industries who have not only makde and incredible mark on local soil, but who have become powerful vehicles for change globally.